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Posted on 16 July 2007 at 12:19 UTC, filed under Javascript, Tricks, Usability, Wordpress, 2 comments.

In the top right corner of this blog I have placed a small set of links that let you resize the text as it is displayed. It’s easy to use this script on your blog and it lets your visitors resize the text on the blog however they want it. The resizing setting is stored in a cookie, valid for one year, so when the visitor returns, they will see the site as they resized it last.
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Posted on 14 July 2007 at 17:29 UTC, filed under News, 5 comments.

Cleaning up and making room for a new blogHow do you start a new blog?

This blog will certainly not win any prizes for beauty, but it does what I want and that’s all I need. I bet most people will be using their feed readers to read along anyway (at least I do) :-).

In case you don’t know me, I’m a software engineer based in Switzerland, after having lived some time in the USA. I work at and own a small software company (yes, you can do both) that makes software for medical practices in Switzerland. On the side I love to be active in the webmaster forums at Cre8asiteForums and in the Google Webmaster Help Forums (formerly known as “softplus”, now as “JohnMu”). I love tough technical problems relating to crawling, indexing and ranking.

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