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All of the websites I put together at the moment are used for playing around and testing things. It’s fun to set up a site, try some things out, delete it or just let it sit and then – usually much later – start over and try something else. The only problem is that by the time I am ready to start over, I have forgotten my password. I can find my user name, it’s in the FTP client and visible in my hosting control panel, but the password is not visible anywhere. The secure way would be to just pick a new password, but let’s assume you need your old one :-) . The following will also work for email passwords stored in your email client, by the way.

What we’ll do is “sniff” the connection that your FTP client builds up, we’ll take a look at the packets sent out and received. Remember that other people can do this as well – say if you’re on an insecure wireless connection on the road — use secure connections and protocols whenever you can!
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Google’s webmaster tools has a neat feature that lets you download your query and click statistics (once you have verified ownership of your site). The data you can get from there is quite comprehensive, but hard to break down for use in Excel. As a fun exercise I put together a small Python-script that takes the CSV file downloaded from your webmaster tools account and turns it into new CSV files for queries and for clicks (both with the position numbers as well).

Python is a neat little programming language, I like it more and more as I use it :) .
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I finally got around to getting the statistics for September 2007 for the Google Webmaster Help Groups finished up. I have to admit the numbers for September aren’t the best, especially the counts for the posts by Googlers. Getting started at Google took quite some time and a lot of learning :) . And wow – look at the Googlers post in October (great work, everyone!).

On a slightly sader note, I don’t think I can continue to provide these statistics here. I hope I can work something out as a replacement though, we’ll see.. or maybe I would be better off just posting in the group instead :D .

Without further ado, here are …

The numbers

  • Number of new threads = 1157
  • Number of new posts = 5902
  • Average number posts/new thread = 4.81
  • Number of posts by new users = 915 (15.5%)
  • Number of threads by new users = 696 (60.2%)
  • Average number of posts in threads by new users = 4.8
  • Number of new threads started by Googlers = 2
  • Number of new posts by Googlers = 35

Feel free to compare to August and July 2007. Comparing those numbers to the previous months there’s a visible drop, especially in the number of posts (-1774 or 23%) and threads (-172 or 13%). I hope we can push that back up soon (and answer more questions in the FAQs so that fewer threads are needed :) ).

Top posters

Thank you, top posters!! It’s great to have you in our community helping so many people to get their issues solved. You’re the best! Come on back, JLH, we’re missing you.

  1. webado = 746
  2. cass-hacks = 207
  3. Phil Payne = 195
  4. JLH = 178
  5. cristina = 168
  6. Admin Aaron = 163
  7. Robbo = 157
  8. abracadabra = 145
  9. seo101 = 117
  10. burchman519 = 94
  11. IceGiant = 80
  12. dockarl = 67
  13. Red Cardinal = 53
  14. Sam I Am = 51
  15. Randy P. = 49

seo101 and Randy P. – feel free to give me a site to link to, even if it isn’t yours :) .
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untitled DocumentUntitled Document

We’ve all seen it – “untitled document” is a popular page name, probably the most popular one out there. I wonder who decided that “untitled document” was better than no title at all? There are a lot of those pages out there, do they even know that a good title can do wonders?

Being “untitled” doesn’t make your pages uncrawlable though. If you wanted to go all out, you could make sure that your page has no indexable content at all and heck, just use Flash to display the whole homepage while we’re at it.

Of course doing that, you would think that it would probably destroy your site’s chances of being shown in search results. I suppose it generally would, but imagine if your site was still #1 in the results for your niche.
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