Some hosting cleanups

Collection of random things that ended up needing to be cleaned up.

  1. Search Console, Performance report, max timeframe
  2. Export to Google Sheets
  3. Copy top N (your pick) URLs to clipboard
  4. Open Screaming Frog - the best SEO site crawler
  5. Mode -> List
  6. Upload -> Paste

… oops

  1. Create index.html with the following content:
<html><head><script type="text/javascript">
document.location = "";
<!-- simple HTML redirect -->
  1. Create folders in /static for the missing URLs
  2. Copy index.html in, adjust destination URL as needed (FWIW /category/* -> /categories/* on Hugo)
  3. Recrawl :-)


Some random things I’ll probably do at some point…

  • Host images better (webp, picture elements)
  • Reprocess GIFs (MP4s)
  • Inline critical CSS
  • Pick better colors w/more contrast for code blocks

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