ABS Figurine 3D Printing

Thought it might be useful to track the 3D-printing of the figurines – some settings work better than others. This is all using the Tinkercad -> slic3r -> Octoprint -> Printer flow.

General starting parameters that seem to mostly remain:

Layers and perimeters
Layer height: 0.2 mm
First layer height: 0.35 mm
Vertical shells / Perimeters: 2
Horizontal shells / Solid layers: Top: 7, Bottom: 3
Seam: aligned

Fill density: 10%
Fill pattern: Honeycomb
Top/bottom pattern: Rectilinear
Combine infill every: 2 layers
Fill angle: 45 degrees
Solid infill threshold area: 15 mm2
Infill before perimeters: (unchecked)

Skirt and brim
Loops: 1
Distance from object: 6mm
Skirt height: 1 layer
Brim width: 0 mm

Support material: none

Perimeters: 70 mm/s
Small perimeters: 30 mm/s
External perimeters: 70%
Infill: 90 mm/s
Solid infill: 70%
Top solid infill: 70%
Support material: 60 mm/s
Bridges: 60 mm/s
Gap fill: 20 mm/s
Travel: 150 mm/s
First layer speed: 30%
Max print speed: 80 mm/s

Extrusion width / First layer: 200%
Extrusion width / Solid infill: 150%
Extrusion width: Top solid infill: 130%
Infill/perimeters overlap: 15%

ABS / Purple
Top: 7 layers / Bottom 3 layers / Perimeters: 2
Lift: none
Time: ~ 80 min
Quality: Good. Top letters & arms slightly over-filled, with slight bubbles

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