Add rows to a Google Spreadsheet with Python, without API

Sometimes it’s a hassle to track auth data for the Google Spreadsheet API. Here’s a quick hack using Google Forms to post data to a Spreadsheet (similar to the previous post that uses Curl). You can use it as a function in your code, or as a simple command-line tool.

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"""Posts to a Google Sheet using a Form"""

import re
import sys
import urllib
import urllib2

def get_field_ids(form_url):
  """Returns list of field IDs on the form."""
  response = urllib2.urlopen(form_url)
  html =
  form_field_info = re.findall('(<input|<textarea)[^>]*id="([^"]*)"', html)
  fields = [x[1] for x in form_field_info if x[1].startswith("entry")]
  return fields

def post_form_values(form_url, submit_values):
  """Posts list of values to the form."""
  fields = get_field_ids(form_url) # these could be cached too.
  submit_url = form_url.replace("/viewform", "/formResponse")
  values = {}
  for counter in range(0, min(len(submit_values), len(fields))):
    values[fields[counter]] = submit_values[counter]
  data = urllib.urlencode(values)
  req = urllib2.Request(submit_url, data)
  response = urllib2.urlopen(req)
  the_page =
  # ignore response

def main():
  """Command-line usage possible too!"""
  if len(sys.argv)<3:
    print "Expected: form_url value1 [value2 ...]"
  form_url = sys.argv[1]
  values = sys.argv[2:]
  post_form_values(form_url, values)
if __name__ == "__main__":

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