Blasercafé OCOA Santo Domingo

This coffee looks pretty normal but it really great-tasting. Tell us more, Blaser Cafe!

Lovely aroma, lovely touch of chocolate, nice crema. Not so picky about grinder settings.

100% Arabica. Single Estate coffee from the Dominican Republic highlands. From the island of Santo Domingo, at over 1000m altitude. Put together by Dieter Meier (of Yello fame) & Iwan Hauck. It’s one of the more expensive ones so far, but oh my, the espresso is great. Will give this another round with a head-to-head with the other good ones.

Cost: CHF 19.80/250 grams (0.63/8gr shot)
Source: kaffee-zentrale (or direct)
Espresso: 9/10
Packaging: 2/10 (it’s a sucky bag)

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