Practically dealing with recurring/updated items

“When people search for our event, they find last year’s listing; help!” Whether it’s an event (FooBarConf 2017), a recurring report (FooBar Earnings Q1 2017), an updated product (FooBarPhone 23) or anything else that has a current version and previous versions, this is a really simple way to help make sure that search is able to easily find the current version. Place the current version on a generic, non-versioned URL (/foobarconf) Copy last year’s version onto a versioned URL (/foobarconf/2016) Browse Twitter or Google+

Clone wars: Any unique value here? or just duplicates?

1000 monkeys at typewriters might come up with Shakespeare - but it’s much easier to just copy + paste. Duplicate content is a fact of the web - it’s almost impossible to avoid it within your own website and even worse when someone else decides to play “monkey at a typewriter” and copies your work. Google handles duplicate content (including only duplicated parts) with a smart algorithm: It picks the “best” (in it’s opinion) and ignores the rest (mostly).