Ten Things Google has found to be true (but not forever)

The “Ten things Google has found to be true (” list is an interesting view into some of the ideas that drive Google. It was first put online in 2001 and starts with a great title: “Never settle for the best” and goes on with a list of ten things that Google seems to find important. (Silly me, I thought those “10 things” lists started when Digg came up :-) )

MSN/Live and Yahoo! join Google for Sitemaps XML support

Now it’s official: The top three search engines now support the sitemaps format Great going, Vanessa and the sitemaps team!! You’ve done great work since Summer 2005, it’s come a long way. A new standard after a bit more than a year, congratulations! Google: Search engines united ( MSN/Live: Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! Unite to Support Sitemaps ( Yahoo!: Yahoo, Google and Microsoft join forces (really !!) behind Sitemaps ( So, .

Yahoo! following Google Sitemaps / Google Webmaster tools

Yahoo now also offers some more information in their SiteExplorer software about owned websites as Google already does. Playing a bit with the Yahoo! SiteExplorer showed a new nice button: MySites ( Hmmm… sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So I just added one of my websites and what happened now? Verification file (ever heard that from Google, eh?!) - ok, installed. Now the verification process is pending, I’m waiting for the next steps and the information that might be available.