Command lines for the weirdest things

Just a collection of command line tweaks. These work on Linux, probably mostly on MacOS too (and who knows, with things for Windows probably). (content irrelevant, just adding an image) Basics General command-line tips Todo: find some other sources Pipe tricks: | more - show output paginated (use space to get to next page) | less - similar to more, but with scroll up/down | sort - sort the output lines alphabetically | uniq - only unique lines (needs β€œsort” first) | uniq -c - only unique lines + include the number of times each line was found (needs sort first) | sort -nr - sort numerically (β€œn”) and reverse order (β€œr”, highest number first) | wc -l - count number of lines Searching for things (more grep options)

Confirm that you're using Analytics on all pages

Here’s something from my mailbox - someone wanted to know how he could crawl his site and confirm that all of his pages really have the Google Analytics ( tracking-code on them. WordPress users have it easy, there are plugins that handle it automatically. Sometimes it’s worth asking nicely :) - let me show you how I did it. As a bonus, I’ll also show how you can check the AdSense ID on your pages, if you’re worried that you copy/pasted it incorrectly.