Mobile sites suck

I was using my phone more on the weekend, and your mobile-friendly sites blew me away. Way too many of these are just horrible. Subscription interstitials, app interstitials, browser popups asking for my location, impossible to fill out search forms, login interstitials, tiny UI elements, cookie & age interstitials, “you’re in the wrong country, idiot” interstitials, full-screen ads, “add to homescreen” overlays, etc. One - popular & well-known - site had four levels of popups/overlays on a page.

Mobile friendly

I’ve been asked about the mobile-friendly tag in search and noticed two common mistakes that I wanted to share. Both of these result in the Mobile-Friendly Test showing that a page isn’t mobile-friendly, but the PageSpeed Insights tool showing that it’s ok: Too much blocked by robots.txt. Googlebot needs to be able to recognize the mobile-friendliness through crawling. If a JavaScript file that does a redirect is blocked, if a CSS file that’s necessary for the mobile version of the page is blocked, or if you use separate URLs and block those, then Googlebot won’t be able to see your mobile site.