Interview with Richard Hearne ("Red Cardinal")

Hi Richard, welcome to my blog! When I look through the top posters in the Google Webmaster Help groups, you’re almost always in there - it’s great to have you there and your posts bring in a lot of background knowledge that I’m sure many site owners appreciate. It’s interesting that you are - as far as I can tell - the only one of the top posters who is professionally active (archive.

Interview with Craig "cass-hacks"

Hi Craig, welcome to my blog :-) ! Craig is, for those that haven’t noticed, an alien from some solar system far away. At least that’s the conclusion I came to after reading his introduction (, the overview page ( on his site and his “my first computer (” posts. I’m pretty sure that he’s either alien or very, very creative (as in creative writing), I mean seriously, “I built my own computer when I was 12.

Interview with Matt / "Dockarl"

Hi “Doc”, it’s cool to have you here! It’s great that the web removes barriers like the physical distance from here in Switzerland to Australia. Matt has been one of the regular contributors to the Google Webmaster Help Groups since January 2007. He has a diverse background: Agriculture and Computers, an interesting mixture, or how he puts it in his profile ( “I know about cows and computers” :-).

A bookie's life - interview with Sebastian

Hello Sebastian! You’re one of the more elusive people in the Google Groups, helping webmasters regularly and often with run-of-the-day problems and providing insight into things that are not so common. Your “no-BS” policy sometimes seems a bit tough on new users - but by “telling it like it is” you can get straight to the point and help where it hurts. It’s good to have your help in the groups and I’m glad you take the time to help no matter what problems a webmaster is fighting with.

Interview with John Honeck / JLH

Hi John, it’s great to have you here for a virtual interview! John is one of the strong posters who make up the backbone of the Google Webmaster Help forums. His blog at ( is strong on all things SEO, is quite popular and dares to ask uncomfortable questions that need to be asked. His detailed knowledge of the Google Webmaster Guidelines and the penalties resulting from abuse of them has helped many webmasters to improve their sites and to get them back into the Google index.

An interview with Christina / webado

Hi Christina, it’s great to have you here for a virtual interview! For those who don’t know, Christina is one of the top contributors to the Google Webmaster Help forums ( Just this month she managed to post over 1'000 replies (as a comparison, slightly over 7'400 postings were made this month in total, giving her more than 13% of all postings for the month). She is also a moderator in several other forums, runs her own hosting and web design company and has a family.