Arduino binary USB keyboard

I don’t know many (or any) people who think of characters and words in binary, but that might just be a limitation on my end. If you prefer binary, maybe this is something for you. If you just want to geek out, you’re welcome to stay here too. Using a 2-button macro-keyboard and some Arduino code, you can tap in binary and have the keyboard enter ASCII characters. View on YouTube

Standalone MozCast weather report display with ESP32

I have -too many, err- some extra ESP32 boards so I thought it would be fun to make a small weather display for the SEO weather. The obvious choice is to use MozCast. This is Moz’s unique interpretation of how Google’s search results change. This doesn’t reflect what Google does in its algorithms, but it’s a number for the weather, so why not. It’s hopefully obvious that this does not represent a recommendation of any particular SEO tool.

A collection of SMD switches

Who doesn’t love a good button? Click click click, so satisfying. In the search for SMD switches / buttons, I thought I’d just buy some of “all” and try them out. I realize there are many more, this is just what I found browsing Aliexpress. This doc is mostly for me, but I’ll probably spent way too much time on it, so I might as well put it up. Criteria (more or less)

Optimized routing for Zwift's Makuri

Zwift recently released a new set of routes on a made-up island called Makuri. Different from some of the other maps, this one has a ton of cross-roads, and there’s a lot to see. It’s pretty. So, of course, instead of cycling there, I thought it would be a fun exercise to find the shortest path that lets you see everything at least once. Without further ado, here’s the optimal path:

Some hosting cleanups

Collection of random things that ended up needing to be cleaned up. Redirect “popular” pages from Search 404’ing Search Console, Performance report, max timeframe Export to Google Sheets Copy top N (your pick) URLs to clipboard Open Screaming Frog - the best SEO site crawler Mode -> List Upload -> Paste … oops Create index.html with the following content: <html><head><script type="text/javascript"> document.location = "https://johnmu.com/"; </script> </head><body><h1>Moved</h1></body></html> <!

An update on John's blog

It’s May 2021, time for a new site, right? Thanks for dropping by! If you’re curious, I have a bit about the site written up here. I thought my blog had gotten a bit stale, so I might as well make it completely static. Then, in putting together the static version of the site, I ended up writing a bunch of new posts. … and also realized that there were various other things hangout around which would be nice to include.

Extending Spotify's web volume slider

Having to choose between “too loud” and “too quiet” sucks. Unfortunately the Spotify web UI has an annoyingly short volume slider. Fortunately that’s easy to fix with a bookmarklet. Before: After: Drag this bookmarklet to your browser bookmark bar, and click on it to expand the volume slider. The code is pretty straightforward, it just changes the CSS slightly. Spotify volume Here’s the code in more understandable JavaScript:

Some design decisions on this site, SEO and otherwise

Mostly a random collection of decisions I made when revamping this site. I’ll try to update this over time as I make new calls. Hosting Post in markdown. This is mostly for comfort, it’s easier than writing HTML. Minimal CMS. I use Hugo as a static site generator. I thought static site generators would be easy; I was wrong. Hugo uses Go and a bunch of libraries, I can’t install all of it on my company laptop (without disabling some security features, which otherwise seem like a good idea).

A python curls up to touch the tip of its own tail with its nose, forming the shape of a circle.

A python curls up to touch the tip of its own tail with its nose, forming the shape of a circle. The python is 2.6 pi (2.6π) meters long. What is the radius r of the circle that the python forms? – Obviously, this is not about the programming language. Someone was searching for this, well, lots of people were, so why not answer it? Snakes are scary. Instead of thinking of it as a snake, assume it’s just the circumference of a circle - the length of the line that draws the circle.

Mocca Surfin La Semeuse

Grabbed this at the supermarket to calibrate the grinder. Turned out to actually be pretty good. o_O The beans look a bit mixed, they’re a bit rough on the edges. Color and smell are fine. The coffee’s aroma is great, they make a nice crema. Grinder settings are pretty flexible, I ended up with “1-P” on my Vario, using 6.8s / 12.3s for 1 or 2 cup settings for my Rancilio Sylvia.