Blasercafé OCOA Santo Domingo

This coffee looks pretty normal but it really great-tasting. Tell us more, Blaser Cafe! Lovely aroma, lovely touch of chocolate, nice crema. Not so picky about grinder settings. 100% Arabica. Single Estate coffee from the Dominican Republic highlands. From the island of Santo Domingo, at over 1000m altitude. Put together by Dieter Meier (of Yello fame) & Iwan Hauck. It’s one of the more expensive ones so far, but oh my, the espresso is great.

Desta's Coffee - Ethiopia

Oooh, fancy-pants. Cardboard box, gold lettering, separate bag inside AND less coffee in the pack (220 gr)? Let’s see how you fare, Desta’s Coffee. Off-hand, the beans look like what I want - and they smell great. The coffee is exquisite – lovely taste of chocolate, no hipster bitter fruity weirdness. Even without the grinder dialed in it just tastes great. I’ll be buying these again, that’s for sure.

Le Pedaleur Blanche

I don’t cycle much at the moment, but running and espresso also fit great together. Gimme something strong! The more power, the better. Time to try Le Pedaleur - Blanche. The beans are kinda bright / light again, no oily residue on them. I’m skeptical if I’ll like these. Maybe I should have ordered the Noir version? Probably. The grind is a bit lighter again, 1 “O” on my Vario, with a 6.

GipfelstĂŒrmern Kenya Espresso

Pure espresso - life’s too short for bad coffee. And so, in search of the perfect espresso, I’m trying out a bunch of different beans. The current one is GipfelstĂŒrmer Kenya, Kagongo AA from kaffeezentrale.ch (who has a terribly broken website – seriously, fix yo shit). The 250 gram bag currently goes for CHF 15.50 (0.50 per 8g shot). They’re 100% arabica beans from Kirinyaga, Kenya, southern slopes of Mount Kenya, produced by the Kagongo washing station.

Tre Forze! Espresso Beans

A name with an exclamation mark? Most likely over-promising & under-delivering, right? Nope this was some good coffee. It was either the best of this batch, or just the last bag I opened & great out of necessity :P. Really liked it. Balanced flavor, not too bitter, not too strong, not too bright, not too weak, lightly nutty, appropriately crazy. Easy to dose, produced nice crema. Good beans.

Schwarzenbach Italian Roast espresso beans

Who can’t resist freshly-roasted coffee beans? Probably most people, since they tend not to be sold as much, haha. This round was for Schwarzenbach’s “Italienische Röstung” beans. The 100% arabica beans were slightly hard & glossy, like a dark roast. The espresso somewhat strong & bitter, with a light cacao aroma. Source: premium-coffee Cost: CHF 13.00 / 500 grams (0.20/8gr shot) Espresso: 7/10 (would buy again, good fallback :))

Amici Espresso ground coffee cans

Gotta start somewhere. Filling the machine with Amici ground coffee was a start. It was the only ground mix that was drinkable. They use a kind of pressurized can to keep the ground coffee fresh. It works fairly well – the first shots from each can are pretty reasonable. The next day’s shots get mediocre quickly, nothing to write home about (but enough to blog, haha). Cost: 12 cans at 250 grams each for CHF 150.

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Moving to a new office in September

The last couple years I’ve spent a lot of time in the Google Webmaster Help groups (archive.org). Most of that time I’ve tried to help people with problems with their websites and Google. Together with the webmaster (every site is unique) and the other active members in the groups we’ve tried to work out where things are going wrong, what needs to be changed and often we’ve been able to fix things so that the website is back in the index, the content is getting found and hopefully, the webmaster has learned a thing or two.

Hello world

How do you start a new blog? This blog will certainly not win any prizes for beauty, but it does what I want and that’s all I need. I bet most people will be using their feed readers to read along anyway (at least I do) :-). In case you don’t know me, I’m a software engineer based in Switzerland, after having lived some time in the USA. I work at and own a small software company (yes, you can do both) that makes software for medical practices in Switzerland.