Add rows to a Google Spreadsheet with Python, without API

Sometimes it’s a hassle to track auth data for the Google Spreadsheet API. Here’s a quick hack using Google Forms to post data to a Spreadsheet (similar to the previous post that uses Curl). You can use it as a function in your code, or as a simple command-line tool. Gist (archive.org) #!/usr/bin/python """Posts to a Google Sheet using a Form""" import re import sys import urllib import urllib2 def get_field_ids(form_url): """Returns list of field IDs on the form.

Using Curl to add rows to a Google Spreadsheet without using an API

Adding content to a Google Spreadsheet usually requires using the Spreadsheet API (archive.org), getting auth tokens, and tearing out 42 pieces of hair or more. If you just want to use Google Spreadsheets to log some information for you (append-only), a simple solution is to use a Google Form (archive.org) to submit the data. To do that, you just need to POST data using the field names, and you’re done. The data is stored in your spreadsheet, you even get a timestamp for free.