Adding user-friendly rel=nofollow markup (for IE too!)

The next step after adding CSS to highlight links with rel=nofollow is to give the user some information about what the symbol and the dashed line mean. Since CSS will not allow you to add tooltips and links, we have to resort to some javascript trickery. The up-side to this is that it will also display the markup on older browsers like IE 6. Adding this kind of markup to your site is pretty easy to do.

Adding "rel=nofollow" markup to your site

The “rel=nofollow” HTML microformat ( is a way to mark links which might be problematic, whether they’re clearly spammy, just not checked or even just sites that I don’t really want to link to (but still want to provide a link for others to use - you know, “don’t look, but that guy’s got a giant nose (!"). I understand that it is important for search engines to recognize these kinds of links and to treat them differently.

Adding text resizing with cookie

In the top right corner of this blog I have placed a small set of links that let you resize the text as it is displayed. It’s easy to use this script on your blog and it lets your visitors resize the text on the blog however they want it. The resizing setting is stored in a cookie, valid for one year, so when the visitor returns, they will see the site as they resized it last.