Ubuntu dual boot with Windows 10 on Acer Aspire GX 785 with UEFI

Setting up an Acer Aspire GX 785 desktop PC for dual-booting Microsoft Windows 10 with Ubuntu is tricky, but not impossible. If this is above your comfort-zone, just set up a VM with Ubuntu within Windows :-). Steps roughly: Make space on hard disk for the partitions Change BIOS security settings Create a USB disk to boot Ubuntu Install Ubuntu, creating 3 new partitions on the hard disk Fix UEFI settings Prepare empty hard disk partition In Windows, open the Disk Management tool: Right-click on Start > Disk Management Make room for Ubuntu: Mine had 2 ca 240GB partitions on the main disk.

A set of command-line Windows website tools

If you have to do things over and over again, it’s a good idea to use a tool to make things easier. Windows is a bit limited (or very - when compared to Linux) when it comes to batch file scripts and “wget” is limited to what it can do right out the box, so I sat down and wrote a few command line tools to help me with some of the website checks that I like to do.

Check your web pages for hacks and unauthorized changes

Websites have become popular targets for hackers, who either try to add elements that automatically download “malware” (viruses, etc) or try to add hidden links (SEO hacking) to other websites. Quite often, these kinds of changes are not recognized by the webmaster or website owner. You could wait until a visitor complains to you or you receive a mail from Google for spreading malware (or having hidden links to “bad places”), but that is slow, unreliable and usually too late.

The FS-Duenna flight validator for the Microsoft Flight Simulator

The FS-Duenna ( is a small tool to help validate flights during the RTW-Race FlightSim vs Avsim vs Sim-Outhouse. It was found that the integrated Flight-Analysis-Window in FS2004 did not provide sufficient information to validate flights and that it sometimes displayed flights as invalid although everything was done correctly. This tool will check for specific conditions before, during and after a flight. It will create a validation-graphic which may be posted in the forum as a proof of validation.