Converting WordPress and Plog to markdown

Converting HTML to markdown for Hugo isn’t super-complicated, it’s just a bit annoying if you have to do it for a bunch of individual posts. There are a few options documented. (Image to see if SVGs work here. I guess they do.) Wordpress I didn’t want to install new plugins on my aging WordPress installations, so I went for the Python setup ExitWP-for-Hugo. It takes the exported XML file from WordPress and churns out a bunch of .

Adding your Google Reader 'shared items' to your site

In order to display the Google Reader ‘shared items’ on your site - using straight (X)HTML and not just the javascript widget supplied by Google - you need a tool that can read RSS feeds and display them (the shared items are an Atom feed, but that is similar enough). Using straight links instead of javascript you will be able to pass “link-value” to the items that you are linking to - your links will be seen as recommendations (as in my opinion they should be, if you tagged those items to be shared).

Adding text resizing with cookie

In the top right corner of this blog I have placed a small set of links that let you resize the text as it is displayed. It’s easy to use this script on your blog and it lets your visitors resize the text on the blog however they want it. The resizing setting is stored in a cookie, valid for one year, so when the visitor returns, they will see the site as they resized it last.