Desta's Coffee - Ethiopia

Oooh, fancy-pants. Cardboard box, gold lettering, separate bag inside AND less coffee in the pack (220 gr)? Let’s see how you fare, Desta’s Coffee.

Off-hand, the beans look like what I want - and they smell great.

The coffee is exquisite – lovely taste of chocolate, no hipster bitter fruity weirdness. Even without the grinder dialed in it just tastes great. I’ll be buying these again, that’s for sure.

Is this the perfect bean for espresso in my setup? We’ll find out as I get the grinder set up right & try more. Nam nam nam. Not sure why it’s so cheap.

100% Arabica. South-West Ethiopian “share-trading” (share 20% of the profits with the farmers – whatever, just buy it from them for a reasonable price instead of these games), from 1900-2000m altitude.

Cost: CHF 9.00/220 grams (0.33/8gr shot); CHF 7.80 direct - 0.29/shot
Source: kaffee-zentrale (or direct)
Espresso: 9/10
Packaging: 5/10 (it’s a box & bag)

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