About this site

This is my personal site. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer. If you’re looking for secret background information to Google Search, you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s unlikely you’ll find deep insights here, but YMMV. Use sample code at your own risk. Most code is published on Github, sometimes you’ll find a newer version than what’s embedded here. The example code and concepts, unless otherwise noted, are released into the public domain and may be used and modified without compensation or attribution.

About John Mueller

I’m currently a Search Advocate (Ex Webmaster Trends Analyst) at Google Zürich, where I help to make sure that webmasters and our engineers understand each other and can work together. Before Google, I ran a small software company in Switzerland, doing most of the programming, marketing and business administration. You can also find me on Twitter. Feel free to contact me.


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Contact me

Feel free to use my Google+ page to contact me: Sorry, I guess that’s gone now. My inbox is constantly overflowing, so emailing is somewhat futile. Ping me publicly on Twitter instead. For webmaster/websearch questions, I recommend posting in the Google Search Central Community before sending me a message. The community there is top-notch and can often help faster than I could :). For everything else, I have a contact form, which I unfortunately don’t check very often, and tend not to reply to.