Gipfelstürmern Kenya Espresso

Pure espresso - life’s too short for bad coffee. And so, in search of the perfect espresso, I’m trying out a bunch of different beans.

The current one is Gipfelstürmer Kenya, Kagongo AA from (who has a terribly broken website – seriously, fix yo shit).

The 250 gram bag currently goes for CHF 15.50 (0.50 per 8g shot). They’re 100% arabica beans from Kirinyaga, Kenya, southern slopes of Mount Kenya, produced by the Kagongo washing station. The beans are golden & bright, almost no gloss / oil residues.

For espresso, the grind had to be made quite a bit finer than normal, to get the right flow.

Taste was “bright,” kinda fruity, but felt like it wasn’t roasted enough

  • 5-6/10 maybe. Stopped drinking halfway through the bag, sorry. Might make a mix.

Packaging almost perfect, ripping the top off was easy (but not safe :-)), a built-in zip-lock keeps the bag closed until fully used. 9/10

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