An update on John's blog

It’s May 2021, time for a new site, right?

Thanks for dropping by!

If you’re curious, I have a bit about the site written up here. I thought my blog had gotten a bit stale, so I might as well make it completely static. Then, in putting together the static version of the site, I ended up writing a bunch of new posts. … and also realized that there were various other things hangout around which would be nice to include.

If you’re looking for SEO news, drop by the official Google Search Central site, and/or follow the industry-encyclopedia Search Engine Roundtable.

Please let me know if you spot anything weird – it’s been a while since I set up a new site and who knows what I missed.

This site includes various weird & probably embarrassing old posts. Readers might see how things evolved, and some of the wrong directions taken along the way. I still have a few caches of old sites to rummage through, so I might back-fill a few more things. I’ll also try to dig up some of the old source codes and see what I can drop on Github for the curious minded.

(welp, a 3MB GIF - so much for my page speed)

Comments / questions

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