Le Pedaleur Blanche

I don’t cycle much at the moment, but running and espresso also fit great together. Gimme something strong! The more power, the better. Time to try Le Pedaleur - Blanche.

The beans are kinda bright / light again, no oily residue on them. I’m skeptical if I’ll like these. Maybe I should have ordered the Noir version? Probably.

The grind is a bit lighter again, 1 “O” on my Vario, with a 6.9s / 11.8s time kinda works. The espresso doesn’t have a lot of crema, meh, but tastes really good. It has a light bitter aroma, lightly acidic, but a nice and strong body.

Keyword stuffed source: From biological production (I mean, what else, right?). Grows in “untouched” (except when they farm the coffee, probably, or maybe they use magic) Ethiopian highlands. 98% of the Ethiopian coffee is planted by small groups of farmers. It’s called Mocca Sidamo, from the Estate Sidamo in Ethiopia, planted between 1800-2600m altitude. Roasted by Schwarzwild in Freiburg, Germany.

Cost: CHF 15.00/250 grams (0.48/8gr shot)
Source: kaffee-zentrale (or direct)
Espresso: 7/10
Packaging: 3/10 (meh, it’s a bag)

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