Mocca Surfin La Semeuse

Grabbed this at the supermarket to calibrate the grinder. Turned out to actually be pretty good. o_O

The beans look a bit mixed, they’re a bit rough on the edges. Color and smell are fine. The coffee’s aroma is great, they make a nice crema. Grinder settings are pretty flexible, I ended up with “1-P” on my Vario, using 6.8s / 12.3s for 1 or 2 cup settings for my Rancilio Sylvia.

Their website┬ásays they’re 100% Arabica, from the high ranges of Central America & Ethiopia. So basically, a mix of whatever they like :). Taste is great, price is right, availability (supermarket!) is fine, will try a bunch of their other coffees at some point in the future.

Cost: CHF 6.20/250 grams (0.20/8gr shot)
Source: direct
Espresso: 9/10
Packaging: 2/10 (it’s a stupid bag)

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