Getting indexed by Google with Google Sitemaps - in what time (old, probably outdated)

Warning: This page is pretty old and was imported from another website. Take any content here with a grain of salt.

How long would you suggest it will take until a new webpage gets indexed by Google?

You might say, this depends. You’re right with that. But you can help yourself getting your webpages indexed better. One approach is to participate with Google Sitemaps - and give Google the urls to add. The people say it takes very long until you see new webpages appearing at the serps.

This article describes an example for adding a new article to ( and the timing until it appears within Google.

About the website -

Just some short information about the website. The current public PR is 6, there are many ingoing links - with higher and lower PR. No special actions have been taken to get these done (no payed links, no link network, …).

It’s taking place in the Google Sitemaps program (since the beginning in June - but that doesn’t matter).

Google crawls most of the website each day - but normally only the main pages.

All pages have Google Ads.

The timeline

The page containing an article has been published on November, 23nd 2005 at 9.10 am CET. Afterwards the sitemaps file has been updated. Google has been forced to reload the updated sitemaps file from the Google Sitemaps webmasters area ( This took not longer than 5 minutes.

Google came and visited the webpage at 2005-11-23 09:28:46 from with a normal Googlebot - spider and at 2005-11-23 10:22:30 from - also with a normal Googlebot.

Than… nothing happened. Some normal visitors saw the page and visited it, but Google did nothing.

The next morning between 3.50 and 4.00 a.m. the page suddenly appeard at the serps. This is really fast, I would say - only about 18.5 to 19 hours.

Short version:

  • 2005-11-23 09:10 **webpage **has been published
  • 2005-11-23 09:15 Google sitemaps file has been generated, Google forced to **reload **it
  • 2005-11-23 09:28 **access **from with Googlebot/2.1
  • 2005-11-23 10:22 **access **from with Googlebot/2.1
  • 2005-11-24 04:00 the webpage shows up at the serps and stays

And you - what are your results?

What page do you have? PR, number of pages, Google Sitemaps or not, approx. number of inbound links? How long does it take for you until you get new pages into the serps?

It would be nice to compare some values… also in relationship to our Google Sitemaps study. John will tell you more details about it really soon (putting more pressure on you, John!). Just kidding, John - right?!

Update: there is also an article written by Sebastian availabe: How long doese it take to get indexed by Google? (

Warning: This page is pretty old and was imported from another website. Take any content here with a grain of salt.

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