Staging Site indexing

So you got your staging site indexed? Happens to everyone. Here’s a rough guide on fixing it, and suggestions for preventing it. (thought I’d write this up somewhere) The fastest way to get the staging site removed from search is remove it via Search Console. For that, you need to verify ownership via Search Console [1] (ironically, this means you’ll likely have to make it accessible to search engines again, or figure out DNS verification, which isn’t that common but also not that hard).

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Winter road-bike cycling clothing choices

So you wanna cycle in the winter and aren’t sure what to wear? Here’s what works for me - maybe it gives you some ideas. Generally speaking, being a bit on the cold side with your upper body when you leave is fine, you’ll warm up a bit. Having clothes that you can open (jacket) or roll up (long sleeves) makes it easy to adjust. For rides longer than an hour, you want to make sure your feet are warm enough, since they tend not to get as much blood circulation and hence don’t warm up as much over time.

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Trailing slash or not

The “trailing-slash or not” question comes up from time to time, so I thought I’d write something short up. tl;dr: the slash after a hostname or domain name is irrelevant, you can use it or not when referring to the URL, it ends up being the same thing. However, a slash anywhere else is a significant part of the URL and will change the URL if it’s there or not. This is not SEO-specific, but just how websites work :).

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Ubuntu dual boot with Windows 10 on Acer Aspire GX 785 with UEFI

Setting up an Acer Aspire GX 785 desktop PC for dual-booting Microsoft Windows 10 with Ubuntu is tricky, but not impossible. If this is above your comfort-zone, just set up a VM with Ubuntu within Windows :-). Steps roughly: Make space on hard disk for the partitions Change BIOS security settings Create a USB disk to boot Ubuntu Install Ubuntu, creating 3 new partitions on the hard disk Fix UEFI settings Prepare empty hard disk partition In Windows, open the Disk Management tool: Right-click on Start > Disk Management Make room for Ubuntu: Mine had 2 ca 240GB partitions on the main disk.

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Practically dealing with recurring/updated items

“When people search for our event, they find last year’s listing; help!” Whether it’s an event (FooBarConf 2017), a recurring report (FooBar Earnings Q1 2017), an updated product (FooBarPhone 23) or anything else that has a current version and previous versions, this is a really simple way to help make sure that search is able to easily find the current version. Place the current version on a generic, non-versioned URL (/foobarconf) Copy last year’s version onto a versioned URL (/foobarconf/2016) Browse Twitter or Google+

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How to make JavaScript-based sites work well with search is something I’ve been getting asked about a bit, so in the spirit of having open discussions, I set up a public working-group to discuss how things are working out :) Feel free to join and/or send folks there!!forum/js-sites-wg My goal is to figure out how things are working out for sites at the moment, what tricks they’re doing to “fix” search, and what we need to change or document on our side.


HTML validation & SEO

HTML validation and Google’s web-search … validation isn’t necessary for crawling, indexing, or ranking, as we’ve said [1] many times in the past. However, if you have problems with meta-tags, structured data, or link-elements (for example, if your hreflang markup isn’t being picked up properly), then using a HTML validator can sometimes point you at problems in your markup. In a recent example, a site was accidentally including a banner in the HEAD of a page.

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Mocca Surfin La Semeuse

Grabbed this at the supermarket to calibrate the grinder. Turned out to actually be pretty good. o_O The beans look a bit mixed, they’re a bit rough on the edges. Color and smell are fine. The coffee’s aroma is great, they make a nice crema. Grinder settings are pretty flexible, I ended up with “1-P” on my Vario, using 6.8s / 12.3s for 1 or 2 cup settings for my Rancilio Sylvia.

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ABS Figurine 3D Printing

Thought it might be useful to track the 3D-printing of the figurines – some settings work better than others. This is all using the Tinkercad -> slic3r -> Octoprint -> Printer flow. General starting parameters that seem to mostly remain: Layers and perimeters Layer height: 0.2 mm First layer height: 0.35 mm Vertical shells / Perimeters: 2 Horizontal shells / Solid layers: Top: 7, Bottom: 3 Seam: aligned Infill Fill density: 10%

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Blasercafé OCOA Santo Domingo

This coffee looks pretty normal but it really great-tasting. Tell us more, Blaser Cafe! Lovely aroma, lovely touch of chocolate, nice crema. Not so picky about grinder settings. 100% Arabica. Single Estate coffee from the Dominican Republic highlands. From the island of Santo Domingo, at over 1000m altitude. Put together by Dieter Meier (of Yello fame) & Iwan Hauck. It’s one of the more expensive ones so far, but oh my, the espresso is great.

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