Totally simple syntax highlighting in Blogger

Sometime you don’t need to host code, you just want to post it in a blog post. Google Code Prettify ( does this really well, either per post, or across the blog.

1. Copy the script tag.

Here’s what you need to copy into either your template, or into your post:

<script src=""

2. HTML-encode your code

There are a bunch of HTML encoders ( online, I haven’t found one that I’m really a fan of. They all do what they’re supposed to do, since it’s trivial.

3. Copy & paste the code into a PRE element

Copy and paste the following, then copy & paste your HTML encoded code into it.

<pre class="prettyprint">
(code comes here)


Update in 2021: You may notice this is no longer running on Blogger, and no longer using this code.

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