Tre Forze! Espresso Beans

A name with an exclamation mark? Most likely over-promising & under-delivering, right? Nope this was some good coffee.

It was either the best of this batch, or just the last bag I opened & great out of necessity :P. Really liked it. Balanced flavor, not too bitter, not too strong, not too bright, not too weak, lightly nutty, appropriately crazy. Easy to dose, produced nice crema. Good beans. Like. I’m sure there’s better espresso out there, considering this is likely produced in quite massive quantities, but so far - so good.

Cost: CHF 12.50/250 grams (0.40/8gr shot)

Source: premium-coffee  (or direct tre forze; you can even get it from Amazon)

Espresso: 8/10

Packaging: 3/10 (meh, it’s a bag)

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